Leafywell - Your one stop shop for CBD needs!

Your one stop shop for CBD needs

What comes to your mind when I say Blueberry, Salted Crème Brulee, Watermelon and Monk Fruit?


Naaah...We are not joking!

Blueberry and Watermelon flavoured CBD oils are one of the many products available on leafywell.com that are 100% natural, sugar-free and incredibly tasty!

Why Leafywell?

Leafywell’s slogan of “Nature has a remedy” translates to a high quality range of holistic medicine to cure myriad illnesses and disorders such as pain, anxiety, insomnia etc. These vast arrays of products have minimal side effects as compared to traditional pharmaceutical medications.

Leafywell believes in the natural healing and restorative powers of CBD, a compound found in the cannabis plant, which is now being hailed as the future of alternative medicine. Cannabinoids (CBD), one of the 85 ingredients found in the cannabis plant, has proven anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic, neuroprotective and analgesic properties.

Aren’t all CBD products and companies the same?

Though Studies show that CBD is safe and does not cause any adverse reactions prompting many users to switch from addictive and habit –forming pharmaceutical options to CBD, a major area of concern is the quality of CBD being offered.

The rising popularity of CBD has seen dime a dozen retail and online stores mushrooming to make a quick buck at the cost of public health.

One major concern for a person using CBD for the first time is whether the quality and potency of the product being sold is true to its claim. A study that was conducted on 84 CBD based products that were purchased online from 31 companies reveals some startling information. The products were sent to a third party independent lab for blind testing, and out of the total sample, 26% had less CBD than advertised on the label(Over-labelled) and 42% had more CBD than advertised (Under-labelled).

Only 31% of the products had accurately reported the CBD content. While under labelling may not be problematic as CBD even in high doses does not produce a high or addiction and has minimal chance of abuse, Over-labelling may result in ineffective treatment as the required dosage for seeing positive results may be difficult to calculate because of the inaccuracy in labelling.

This shows the need for a more stringent regulatory framework for monitoring and testing cannabis based medicinal products.

How to choose the best quality CBD?

The first step to choose the highest quality CBD product is to check for the process of extraction. There are mainly three ways in which CBD oil can be extracted namely

  • Low-priced methods of extraction which involve the use of toxic solvent like propane and butane which are extremely dangerous for your health.
  • Ethanol-based extraction, which is considered safe and reliable as it removes toxins from the plant and gives the highest yield.
  • Supercritical CO2-based extractions that yield the purest form of CBD oil and are the most advanced form of extraction which means you get the highest quality CBD product.

At Leafywell, we take pride in obtaining our CBD through supercritical CO2-based extraction ensuring that you get the best product that your money can buy.

The quality of CBD is also directly dependant on the quality of hemp being harvested. Hemp is known as a “hyper accumulator”, it essentially means that it absorbs everything in its surrounding and from the soil in which it is grown.  If the soil is rich in pesticides or herbicides, mercury or lead then it can lead to the oils being contaminated with all the above.

Leafywell not only ensures that its entire hemp crop is devoid of any pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides but also that it is tested at each step of production right from sourcing to extraction to make sure that its potency information is accurate.

Another test to make sure that you are buying a safe product is to check for THC content.  Do check the labels or ask for lab testing certificates before deciding on one. Leafy well contains natural CBD hemp oil, having a THC content of less than 0.3%, making it a reliable source for all your CBD needs.

Choose a product that is full spectrum or made from the whole cannabis plant to maximize the “entourage” effect and not just CBD isolates. Leafywell’s products are all full spectrum ensuring that you get the full synergistic advantage of terpenes, flavonoids etc.

Finally a third-party lab testing report goes a long way to show that a company has nothing to hide and is committed to providing quality products. Most companies which make dubious claims do not have reports to back up their tall claims. Before deciding on a product, ask for the lab report to make an informed decision.

Leafywell has Certificate of Authentication (COA) obtained by independent third-party testing for its products readily available on its website if you wish to peruse them.

Different strokes for different folks!

Not all of us like our martini shaken not stirred or our coffee black.

Leafywell fully understands that the way one chooses to use CBD may differ from person to person, and so we have a variety of products and flavours to suit your needs.

We have products that can be applied externally or ingested such as

  • Vape Pods– Looking for a fast-acting solution? We have a range of plain and flavoured Vape pods that are JUUL compatible.

Vape Pods

  • CBD Oils– Our array of full spectrum oils come in Plain, Blueberry and Watermelon flavours and have a range of add-ons like terpenes and natural flavouring agents to give you a well – rounded and delicious tasting product.


  • Capsules- Enjoy the goodness of CBD in an easily ingestible form.


  • Topical Balms– A concoction made of Natural Hemp Seed oil, Avocado oil, Shea Butter and other essential oils it works like a charm when applied to the affected areas by reducing inflammation and pain.

Topical Balms

  • Bath Bombs– The high absorption rate combined with relaxation and relief makes it an ideal choice for your bath at the end of a tiring day! Choose from a range of defence, tranquil, sensual, and utopian and recovery bath bombs to make your bath time a rejuvenating experience.

Bath Bombs

  • Edible Gummies- CBD in edible form that comes in a plain and flavoured variant.

Edible Gummies

So go ahead enjoy the benefits of nature working its magic of healing on your body.

The key to having a positive CBD experience is to use highest quality products and we at leafywell are committed to providing you with just that!

Do visit leafywell.com for more information on products, flavours and offers.

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