What is Hemp CBD

What is CBD

CBD is a substance that abounds in the cannabis plant and, in comparison with THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, it is non-psychoactive. So, if one consumes this substance, the person will not manage to get “high” due to CBD, as the substance induces relaxation without any intoxicating effects. In other words, CBD will indeed have an effect on your organism, but will not alter reality or your senses by affecting your brain.

CBD being, as previously stated, one of 85 key ingredients present in Cannabis. As a part of a group of microelements known as cannabinoids. Out of all of these cannabinoids, CBD and THC usually account for the highest percentage of cannabinoids contained in Cannabis plants.

For so many years scientists and researchers disregarded this aspect because everybody was focusing way too much on the effects of the psychoactive ingredients of cannabis. Luckily, CBD started to create a positive reputation throughout the world, due to the positive effects it has in aiding in wellness.

How can CBD help? It can be used in a wide variety of cases in which can promote overall wellness.

When scientists studying Cannabis, these two cannabinoids get more recognized and studied than any other substance found in Cannabis.

Benefits of Hemp CBD?

The recent studies concerning the health benefits of CBD discovered a wide range of medical applications of CBD. Because it wasn’t properly understood and its effects well known, the laws of so many states banned a plant that could become the next breakthrough in modern medicine.

It is true that studies on CBD are very difficult and complex because this compound interacts with the human organism in so many ways at once. So it is hard to determine the precise action of CBD on a certain health condition. Still, the people that used it as an alternative, stated that they felt immediate improvements in quality of life.

Although CBD does not act on the same pathways as THC, it does have many of the same characteristics as THC. 

Diagram of Various Ailments

CBD Effects on Human Body