• cbd oil 1000mg

CBD Oil 1000 mg


CBD Hemp Oil – how can it help you?

Our New CBD Hemp Oil is here!

Leafywell is proud to introduce our brand NEW CBD Hemp Oil. It is changing the way you manage your personal health. You may be experiencing lower back discomfort, built up toxins, headaches, restless leg syndrome (to mention some) or overall pain due to inflammation through injury or by the simple fact of getting older.

 Our CBD oil is unique to the market in the way we combine a multitude of a beneficial ingredient. We use 2 types of Raw Hemp Oil. Raw CBD Hemp Oil is the raw and full of cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC. All of these cannabinoids help to work together to offer your body a more rounded raw CBD hemp oil. Both the CBD hemp oil’s are local. Both have a full spectrum of cannabinoids and test slightly higher in cannabinoids like CBN or CBC. We also use local raw honey, and a formulation of terpenes to offer you all around support. We add additional concentrates CBD Isolate to add more strength at a more affordable price. It is a whopping 2000mg of CBD per bottle!

We have created this new CBD Hemp Oil in order to make an effective an affordable CBD Hemp Oil that will last you up to a month per bottle! We have discontinued our 250mg bottle.

What does the CBD Hemp Oil taste like?

When tasting our CBD Oil you get the rich flavor of the CBD Hemp Oil hint of honey (we may kick it up a notch!), and terpenes to stick to your pallet and add a bit of a zing!

By buying the CBD Hemp Oil you are guaranteeing yourself a safe product that is Non-Psychoactive and can offer you natural relief like it was intended to be. Natural and Organic! is an honest company that focuses on providing the best possible products at the lowest prices for those natural items that may be harder to obtain because of the restriction the DEA, FDA, and Congress put on CBD.

Shake Well! Before Use

Hemp Extract

– Ingredients:

C02 Extraction for our Full Spectrum Raw CBD Hemp Oil and CO2 Extraction for our CBD isolate –  (with 2000+ mg cannabinoids per fluid ounce) Raw CBD Hemp Oil, CBD isolate, Colorado Local honey, and real terpenes

Directions – Take 10-15 drops orally, 2x a day under the tongue or be creative and put in a shake, tea, or coffee.

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