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28 Jul

Recess at Work Day

Top 10 Things You Can Do To Celebrate

Recess at Work Day is a day to remind people of the value of taking an enjoyable break on the job in order to celebrate and/or become more productive and creative. A couple of things you could do to celebrate:

  1. Grab your staff and walk around the block.
  2. Create a mini golf putter course in the office.
  3. Hold a paper airplane flying contest.
  4. Create an impromptu awards ceremony and offer up awards for offbeat categories such as “Best Sense of Humor,” “Most Likely to OD on Caffeine.”
  5. Hold a 10-minute workplace recreation dance party.
  6. Since part of the goal of traditional recess was to get people moving, have someone lead the team in some stretching exercises.
  7. Set up an ice cream bar.
  8. Hold a game of Simon Says.
  9. Have a Silly String fight.
  10. Hold a hula hoop contest.

And perhaps most importantly, use the day to reflect on why adding more fun to your workplace can make a difference and plan simple things you and your team can do every day to re-energize.



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